The need for basement separate entrance:

The population of the world is increasing at an alarming rate due to which housing is one of the most common problems faced by many countries. Nowadays, it is difficult to find houses which are both practical and cost efficient. Population boost and the high cost of living has forced people to utilize all available space in their homes and one good way to do so is by basement development. Basement separate entranceis a practical solution for that. Every room in the house is special and has its own character which is why giving a unique entrance to the basement makes it more practical. You can have the entrance in the backyard or you can have it from inside the house.


Different types of basement separate entrance:

 A basement can be used as a separate apartment or it can be used for entertainment purposes – the possibilities are endless. By having a basement separate entrance in Calgary you can increase the value of the basement. Here are some different types of entryways that can help make your basement elegant and classy.


 Barn doors give an elegant look:

 If you want to give a different look to your basement entrance use doors from an old barn. They will make the entryway the central point and will also make sure that no one falls down the stairs and you can close them when the basement is not in use.


 Build a bookcase along the stairs:

 Another great way to save space is to build bookshelves under the staircase that lead to the basement in a way that they line the entryway. This will not only increase the storage but it will also make the entryway eye-catching.


 Use glass doors:

 By putting glass doors as basement entrance you can make the basement sunny and invite. Glass doors will not only make the room brighter but they will also let you enjoy the weather outside.


Use bricks along the stairs:

 Using bricks along the stairs gives the basement a modern yet classy look. Brick wall adds depth and texture to the basement.


Build a winding staircase instead of a normal one:

 Although, grand staircases are usually built in hallways they also look wonderful in the basements. They not only take up less space but also add charm and character to the basement.


 Use different materials to create a unique look:

 Mix different materials, for example, wood and metal to create a totally forgettable and unique stairway. This will help to lighten the otherwise dark entryway.


Light up the entrance:

 Usually, basements are darker so it is advisable to frame the entrance with pot or LED lights to give the basement a brighter look. More lights will give it a cheery and pleasant effect.


Build a multipurpose shelf along the stairs:

 You can build shelves along the staircase to store different items such as backpacks, shoes, and jackets to best utilize the space.


Use wooden planks to create the entrance:

By using wooden planks for entrance you can give your basement a rustic look.